Thermal Imaging ExpertsCOMMITTED TO SERVICE

Here at Louisiana Infrared we are committed to provide the best Infrared Services at a fair competitive rate. We are based out of Bossier City, Louisiana. Our inspectors are Level 1 Certified Thermographers with over 1,500 hours of experience. Some of our clients include: NASA, Lockheed Martin, Army Corps of Engineers, Jacobs Engineers, USPS, School Boards, Winn Dixie, Wal-Mart, Dillard University, Temple-Inland, and many more.

Our core services focus on infrared roof moisture scans and electrical scans in industrial and manufacturing facilities. We also go offshore for electrical and mechanical inspections on shipping vessels and rigs.

We use non-destructive techniques to minimize the necessity of core cuts to confirm moisture saturated areas. As a third party inspection service, we have no financial interest in product manufacturers, suppliers or installers.

This means that you and your customers are guaranteed complete, unbiased and confidential inspection. Schedule your inspection today - Contact 318-207-0220.